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Visit the reserved area to make the most of the advantages, services and discounts made available to you.


Over and above the wonderful surroundings and beautiful seaside, we really want you to get the most out of your next holiday.

So we have come up with a series of exclusive discounts for our guests (applicable to ferries, sporting pursuits reserved before arrival, and much more besides), dedicated services (shuttle to/from the airport; harbour opposite the complex; transport links with Palau; babysitting service; dogsitting service; cakes and surprise birthday parties, etc.), and last but not least, various custom advantages and discounts on the myriad activities and experiences that are available during your stay (tour of the archipelago, entertainment, etc).


To proceed, please fill out the fields below with the Surname / First Name of the group leader and the booking number*.


*The booking number is found at the top right of the document that you signed and also on your confirmation. Check the confirmation mail in which we accepted your booking request: at the end of the PDF you will find “Surname”, “First name” and “Booking number” as saved on our system. To proceed, you must enter the details in exactly the same way that they have been saved on the system. Please check for any spaces, apostrophes, etc. In the event of problems, please write to us at

4 good reasons for booking on our site:


  • The booking fee is included in the price: save €50 straight away*.
  • 30 minutes in a Kayak - free with alla bookings**
  • Higher discounts on equipment rental and on sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sup (standup paddleboarding) and canoeing courses.
  • Our payment system uses the highest, most modern standsrds of digital data encryption, allowing you to complete your transactions in a secure, protected way

 * The booking fee for the campsite is €20, which is the saving for this type of solution. 
**For stays of at least 14 nights