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Diving e Snorkeling
Paradiso dei Cetacei
Aquiloni per grandi e piccini
Beach Volley Nord Sardegna
Meditazione e Yoga
Degustazione di Prodotti Tipici della Sardegna


  • Meditazione e Yoga
  • Meditation

    Any attempt to find inner peace here is facilitated by the beauty of Sardinia, and in particular of our peninsula, which thanks to its shape, appears suspended between the earth, the sea and the sky by a sandy strip that ties it like a thread to terra firma. Time, too, seems to be frozen, and every passing moment is to be savoured
  • Risveglio Muscolare
  • Muscle warm-up

    Here, when you wake up, you will be surrounded by the chirping of happy birds and the lapping of the waves. For a very soft start to the day, the entertainment staff hold pilates classes and half-hour aquagym sessions to warm up your muscles and get your circulation going, ready for the day ahead.
  • Spiaggia dell'Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Sun, sea and sand

    Choose to visit our small but perfectly formed (and fully equipped) beach, and have us prepare a mixture of fresh fruit for you. Or choose one of the various natural coves and lie back on the sun-kissed sand. You will be spellbound as you stare at the horizon, where the clouds dive into the water, and you may even catch sight of a couple of dolphins chasing after each other for fun.
  • Workshop di Fotografia Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Photography

    Let yourself be tempted by our photo workshops, where you will learn how to look at the landscape, the starry sky and the creature-laden sea bed with a new perspective. Break out of your routine by taking a walk in search of the perfect place or the ideal light to immortalise your best shots.
  • Pesca Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Fishing

    First off, you will have fun venturing through the maquis in search of the ideal place out of all those on offer at the Isola dei Gabbiani. Preferably at dusk, when the bathers make way for diplodus, sea bream, sand steenbras and sea bass, you will settle down to enjoy the natural spectacle. Whether you’re interested in having a new experience with your adolescent son or a fishing competition with your friends, we can organise dedicated boat trips to take you to the places that are teeming with fish.
  • Paradiso dei Cetacei
  • Paradise of the Cetaceans

    Imagine a day of total relaxation spent marvelling at the islands of the archipelago that we overlook. The wonderful section of sea encompassed by our panorama begins with that renowned slice of marine paradise where dolphins and whales swim about searching for plankton, giving those lucky enough to witness them a show that will never be forgotten. You can take out one of our little dinghies and become captain for a day, or plump for the simpler option of being a passenger on larger boats skippered by old sea dogs who’ll do all the hard work while you sit back and admire the beauty of nature. Another alternative is to take a sail boat and let yourself be pushed along by the wind.
  • Le Dune all'Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Walking through the dunes

    Take advantage of the morning, when the fresh northwest wind fills the air with the fragrance of Mediterranean maquis, to enjoy a long walk through the untainted dunes that guard the island and extend all the way to the azure lake. You can also make your way to the mouth of the River Liscia, in the nearby bay of the same name. Here, you can observe the impressive dune system that reaches as far as Porto Pollo by walking on the small mountains of golden sand, protected by dedicated wooden walkways. The experience is sure to revitalise both body and soul.
  • Canoa Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Canoeing, SUP, swimming

    This stretch of land, lapped by the sea, will surprise you day after day. Exploring the coastline in a canoe or on an SUP, you will stumble across little hidden coves, with natural swimming pools awaiting discovery by those who follow the reflections of the light as they swim.
  • Diving e Snorkeling
  • Diving, snorkeling

    The sea bed is a constant source of amazement for those who go sub-aqua diving in this beautiful part of the Sardinian coast. The nearby Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena plays host to multi-coloured fish set against breathtaking backdrops, and within just a few miles you can dive at some of the very best sites to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean, such as the famous Secca delle Cernie at Lavezzi and the Secca del Papa at Tavolara. Even if you’re not experts, these places will amaze you with every dive.
  • Vela, Windsurf e Kite
  • Sailing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

    Everyone can experience the emotions of the ever-changing wind and sea. And while the sheltered inlets are heavenly for those who want to lie back and top up their tans, the constant breeze is perfect for the sailors, windsurfers and kitesurfers riding the waves – this really is the best place in the world to unlock the secrets of these water sports.
  • Nordic Walking Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Nordic walking, fitwalking, cycling, fitness, horse riding

    Rather than putting their feet up while on holiday, many of those who engage in sporting activities throughout the year want to take advantage of the opportunity to try out new sports, such as Nordic walking and fitwalking. On the Isola dei Gabbiani, you can go walking with poles along a number of different trails that bring you into direct contact with the natural world and show you all manner of unexpected panoramic views. These same stunning vistas can be seen by taking a trip on a mountain bike or on horseback, surrounded by the aroma of Mediterranean maquis. For your fitness training we have set aside a small outdoor fitness corner.
  • Beach Volley Nord Sardegna
  • Beach volleyball, jogging, bowls

    Sun and salt water are the perfect combination for a holiday at the Isola dei Gabbiani, because they are synonymous with wellbeing. Here, they keep you company every day, from dawn, as you run along the water’s edge amid amber reflections, until dusk, when the sky is tinted purple and you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball with your neighbours, have a kick-about on the sand or get stuck into a beach tennis mini-tournament with friends old and new. Here, it’s so easy to socialise – a bit like the way children do while they’re building sand castles. The entertainment staff will deal with the small matter of keeping your children happy by organising fun outdoor games and intriguing creative workshops.
  • Aquiloni per grandi e piccini
  • Kites for adults and children

    You have finally found the ideal place in which to spend carefree hours flying multi-coloured kites above crystal-clear water. As well as refreshing those who like to laze about in the sun, the light breeze is the perfect ally of parents and children who are finally getting the chance to test out their kite-flying skills on their summer holiday. In July and August, the entertainment team will help you discover the best places for incredible aerial somersaults. The KiteLand kite school operates exclusively at the Isola dei Gabbiani.
  • Arcipelago della Maddalena
  • The archipelago – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    The archipelago that links Sardinia with Corsica, with its seven main islands and 40+ islets, is certainly worth spending a day exploring. Everyone chooses their own rhythm – the slow pace of the sail boat or the speed of the dinghy. In either case, you will have access to wonderful perspectives on islands such as Spargi, Budelli and Caprera. In between dives into the most attractive waters imaginable, you will have great fun trying to identify which animals the rocks, shaped over millennia by wind and water, have ended up by pure chance resembling. The whale-watching tours are a must – they take you on the whale routes, where long-cherished dreams come true as you sit back and observe these magical creatures at play.
  • Turtle watching
  • Turtle-watching and birdwatching

    If you choose to take a holiday at the Isola dei Gabbiani, you will enjoy an experience in direct contact with the pristine natural environment of northern Sardinia, in a truly evocative corner of the Gallura area. Here, you can sit back on your veranda and watch the dramatic dives of the cormorants. Alternatively, you can stroll amid myrtle and mastic awaiting a tortoise – that placid travelling companion who just might want to make his or her way along the road with you. All of the inhabitants of our natural paradise are protected. When you arrive, we will give you all of the information you require to help us safeguard their habitat.
  • Spiagge e Rocce granitiche
  • Rocky lunar landscapes

    Attractive and fascinating, Sardinia encompasses a stunning variety of landscapes. It looks for all the world like a painting that has come to life, in which the enchanting sea cradles jewelled islands watched over by rocky sentinels. Arriving in the Gallura area, you will see the lush cork-oak forests merge into undulating vineyards, while the mountains are blown with winds at once musical and silent. Once here, you can spend innumerable hours discovering the multitude of landscapes on offer: from the lunar, granite monoliths of the northern part of the island and the canyons of the River Liscia to the woodlands of Mediterranean maquis and the untainted dunes.
  • Calette nel Nord Sardegna
  • A cove for everyone

    The often isolated and wild nature of this part of the island encourages exploration with that sense of adventure that makes everyone a little giddy. Hidden coves, sandy beaches and rocky inlets are ready and waiting to welcome you as fledgling explorers. Search out these little-known jewels by jumping onto an SUP and sailing across the emerald water, or by taking a walk enveloped by the aroma of myrtle berries.
  • Roccia dell'Orso
  • Rock statues

    To fill your days with fun and amazement, you can set out to discover the numerous rock statues to be found here. It is as if time has used a chisel to sculpt the imposing rock “bear” that gives its name to Capo d’Orso, which looks out to sea just 3 miles from the town of Palau. This stone giant is very much worth a visit while you are exploring the island’s coves and beaches.
  • Tomba dei giganti
  • Archaeology and energy

    Sardinia is an ancient land, and for this reason it is scattered with monuments that link heaven and earth – places with high levels of “vibrational energy” in which you can meditate freely, surrounded by archaic symbols that restore wellbeing and harmony to the body. Around the Isola dei Gabbiani there are numerous archaeological sites to explore, such as the “giants’ tomb” at Li Mizzani, which is more than 3000 years old, not to mention the wealth of military architecture, such as the raised fort at Monte Altura, which dates from 1887.
  • Maschere tradizionali della Sardegna
  • Traditional Sardinian masks, costumes and dances

    If you want to discover the heart of Sardinia and to enjoy an unforgettable adventure, choose to come during the event entitled “I colori della Sardegna” (The Colours of Sardinia). If your schedule brings you here outwith those dates, don't worry – we can accompany you directly through the gorges of the Supramonte area or on a visit to the nuragic village of Tiscali, in the valley of Lanaittu. If you want to go off the beaten track, you can explore an array of alternative, unusual routes that unite entertainment and culture and take in Domus de Janas (fairy houses), mines, caves, shepherds and panoramas the like of which you have never seen before.
  • Costa di Palau
  • Tracks of another time

    A truly original way to see all of the subtleties of the Galluran landscape, from the sea off the Costa Smeralda to Mount Limbara, bordering the Logudoro area, is the Trenino Verde ('Green Tourist Train') that awaits you at Palau station. This whole experience is redolent of another time. The tract that leads you to Tempio Pausania is the most aesthetically pleasing and remarkable section of the railway.
  • Eventi a Palau
  • Markets, music and events

    When you want to return for a moment to the ‘real’ world, away from the enchantment of the Isola dei Gabbiani, you can take a stroll through the market stalls of Palau. Alternatively, you can book seats at any of the cultural events organised by the highly pro-active local tourist board, which include everything from musical performances to plays, films and other types of events.
  • Cucina tipica Sarda
  • Authentic local dinners

    Go on a voyage of discovery by savouring the new flavours on offer at our authentic local dinners, for which our restaurant uses nothing but the freshest ingredients. You are sure to be won over by our myrtle-infused roast piglet, served in a typical cork tray, accompanied by a full-bodied local red wine such as Cannonau. In the lobster and the other house specialities to find out just how good our fresh fish can be. 
  • Show Cooking
  • Show cooking

    For the benefit of our guests, we put on a range of entertainment including show cooking sessions, during which a chef reels off an unusual local recipe, revealing a few traditional secrets along the way, while preparing the delicious dish in question before your very eyes.
  • Corsi di cucina Isola dei Gabbiani
  • Cookery courses

    Cooking is also about sharing and creating. Everyone can have some input into the process – creative input, first and foremost, which is what is required to take part in our “Isola cooking weeks”, which are afternoon cookery courses held in our restaurant. The ingredients are just the start of the culinary journey. And perhaps you’ll go home and amaze your friends by preparing a typical Galluran “zuppa cuata”, the main ingredients of which are bread and pecorino cheese.
  • Degustazione di Prodotti Tipici della Sardegna
  • Tastings

    After a holiday in Sardinia, you’ll return home filled with emotions that, over time, will turn into indelible memories. While nature offers the sound of the wind, the colour of the sea, the taste of the salt water, the fragrance of the juniper and the feel of the super-soft sand, here at the Isola dei Gabbiani we do our level best to stimulate your five senses at the dinner table by allowing you to get to know some of the typical dishes of the Sardinian tradition. You can spend delightful evenings in pleasant company, tasting everything from cheese, meat and roast fish to bread with an ancient flavour and sweets redolent of bitter honey. Sardinian cuisine is immensely multi-faceted, and every dish can be associated with a prized wine. In this part of Sardinia, it really is essential to sample a glass of fresh white Vermentino wine.
  • Cena romantica
  • Romantic dinners

    If it is true that food is a crucial part of wellbeing, then the Isola dei Gabbiani, which combines a relaxing holiday with great eating, is the perfect place to recharge both mind and body. Everything can become magical if you have a partner with whom to share timeless moments, perhaps on your veranda as you watch the sea turn red at dusk. You marvel at the spectacle, we’ll deal with the dinner and the candles.

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