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Little harbour

A few minutes’ sail from our little harbour, you can get up-close and personal with the Mediterranean’s most beautiful islands.

Are you something of a sea dog, or do you simply want to make the most of the strategic location of our complex, which looks out over the marine park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena? You can spend the day in your rubber boat, which you can moor at our little harbour just a stone’s throw from your accommodation. Start the day with a dive and then head off in the company of your friends to discover what are surely among the world’s most stunning islands.

The list-price rates include the berthing charge, as well as water and electricity. Towing can be organised in Palau for vessels of certain dimensions. If your craft is not very large, you can do what most guests do and depart directly from here. We will be delighted to give you any additional information you may require.

We want you to savour your time here as much as you possibly can. If you don’t have a rubber boat, don’t worry – we can reserve one for you, so that you can then enjoy a wonderful day trip!


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 * The booking fee for the campsite is €20, which is the saving for this type of solution. 

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