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Four-Legged Friends

Your four legged friend is welcome!

When we say “for the whole family”, that includes your four-legged friend, too... so that he or she can share the winter together with you.

A unique place in which to spend time with your canine pal

Every year, many guests choose to stay at our resort thanks, at least in part, to the unique features that make it ideal for holidaying with your four-legged friend!


As well as savouring walks in what is a wonderful natural landscape, with the sea on one side and the Mediterranean scrubland of myrtle bushes and mastic trees on the other, your dog can relax on the veranda and come right into the accommodation with you. You can take him or her to the restaurant and even to your parasol, on condition that he or she is relatively small. The rules that apply to all of Sardinia's beaches state that dogs are prohibited from accessing them – with the exception of authorised beaches such as ours. Where access is possible, your small dog can even join you under your parasol. Dogs of all sizes are welcome on the Punta Negra beach in Palau, and can take advantage of all the resultant benefits. 


At the market, you will find an array of products for your canine and – on request – you will receive the free welcome pack complete with bowl, snacks and shampoo, along with a free key to use the washing area. 


The whole complex is equipped with dog-waste collection points featuring bags for your convenience.


We trust that your upcoming visit to our resort is sure to be one of your best trips ever. To this end, it is important for us to ensure that you are provided with all of the relevant information on the rules with which you are expected to comply. We are a dog-friendly resort, and we adore dogs, but we are also open to guests without dogs. We don't like the idea of compromising the stay of any of our guests, whether they come with or without dogs. As such, it is crucial to be respectful towards everyone. In particular, please remember the following: 


Vaccination record: to protect all concerned, it is essential to bring the updated vaccination record. We cannot accept your pet if you cannot show us the record. We recommend that you send it through by email prior to your arrival. 

Dogs on their own: regardless of his or her size, age and nature, your dog should not be left on his or her own in your accommodation or on the veranda, even for short periods. We'd prefer not to even have to say this, but we'll do it anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Lead and muzzle: to protect all concerned, dogs must be kept on the lead and, depending on the breed, must also be fitted with a muzzle.

For all the other rules that guests with dogs are required to respect, please click on this direct link to the terms and conditions of sale.

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  • The booking fee is included in the price: save €50 straight away*.
  • 30 minutes in a Kayak - free with alla bookings**
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 * The booking fee for the campsite is €20, which is the saving for this type of solution. 
**For stays of at least 14 nights